• But when are they playing ??? at what time i mean

  • im in the united states. what channel is the game going to be on ?

  • fuck barca and madrid tambien los marikitas de mojados mexicanos yenos de frijoles y mierdad… ya paren de tener tanto hijo si no les alcanza

  • I thought that Real madrid vs la galaxy was on the 2nd of august

  • thanks! its so many events coming up from now til the end of the summer but im definitely contemplating. im a huge ronaldo fan and im gonna feel like a dick if he’s in my hometown and i dont see them play lol

  • I got two (fairly good) tickets for $150, I’d recommend going

  • Thanks for your feet. Thank you all for your feet upwards.

  • Iker is the Best Iker is Saint Iker and Real Madrid is Champion ))

  • To the 10th!! To the 33th!! To the 19th!!

  • that pre season tour sounds so exhausting but i guess it pays the bills.

    so excited for real madrid vs. celtic. my 2 tems colliding I MUST WATCH IT!!!!

    that guys voice annoyed me a bit tbh

  • not gonna happen buddy. Mourinho is not going to give up on sahin when he never got the chance to prove himself last year.

  • how much was your ticket? i live in ny and im thinking about going

  • It will be the great match here in Portugal. When RM comes to my hometown like Lisbon.

    HALA MADRID!! From Portugal with all of them!!!

  • Yes the real madri is the best tean in moment but chelsea have oscar and eden hazard

  • Praying that modric comes to madrid quickly for the tour

  • Yes and let’s keep it that way, shall we? THE SANTIAGO BERNABEU!

  • Wait wtf? My ticket says they play on Aug 2 not July 28th

  • Wait I want to see them train at Ucla n I heard they are gonna charge $85-342
    Where do I buy my ticket???
    Reply plz 🙁

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