• of course the Argentinian didn't wrap his hands don't know what Jeff Wilson and Justin Marshall was watching. Also I reckon Naholo's pass was forward in the All Blacks first try, I would like to see if from different angles to see if it was but it looked like it was anyway.

  • All Blacks didn't fall asleep in the second half… the Pumas just woke up. Credit to the Puma's defense.

  • Great to see Havili get a try on debut! He is an awesome addition to the ABs!
    Confident and super-fast!

  • looks like the Pumas are the closest challengers to the All Blacks, no other team seems to come closer.

  • "JUST F**KEN AWESOME"!!..to see dah "BRUDDAH"!!..Naholo back, "GREAT DEBUT"!!..for Havilli and McKenzie "EXPOSIVE"!!..start from dah whistle M and dat dah "ALL BLACKS"!!..had so "MUCH TIME"!!..and "SPACE"!!..wid "WIDTH"!!..to "HIT"!!..dat "SH*T"!!..but dah "F**KEN SPRINGBOKS"!!..is like "HITTING"!!..a "BRICK WALL"!!..who "STEALS"!!..dah "BRICKS"!!..to "THROW BACK"!!..at "YOU"!!..to find dah "WEAKEST HOLES"!!..and "GAPS"!!..for "MANY WONDROUS"!!..and "GLORIOUS"!!.."TRIES"!!.."ONE AFTER ANOTHER"!!..but "F**KEN"!!.."ARGENTINA"!!..call yourselves "F**KEN!!.."LOS PUMAS"!!.."MOUNTAIN JUNGLE LIONS"!!..you "COULDN'T"!!..even "HUNT"!!..your "PREY!!..or able to "BRING IT DOWN"!!..to "GET"!!..your "MEAT"!!..to feed all of dah "NATION"!!..wid "DELICIOUS TRIES"!!..and "F**K"!!.."BUD"!!..you've got dah "WALLEBIE'S NEXT"!!..and look's like another "RUTHLESS"!!.."BIG TIME"!!.."GAME HUNTERS"!!..who "HUNTED"!!..you in "ARGENTINA"!!..in "SEASON'S PAST"!!..just couldn't "CLAIM"!!..your "HEAD"!!.."AS A TROPHEY"!!.."LAST TIME!!..but on dis "UP COMMING OCCASION"!!..you will "DEFINITELY LOSE IT PUMA"!!..

  • I will just stick to Pro 14 and Mitre Cup, at least those games are competitive.

  • La sacaron barata los argentinillos….. Pensaban ganarle al mejor equipo del mundo,,,, que Ilusos..

  • All Blacks B teams suck, missed tackles, passes going behind players or to no one!, yes the Argies were in their faces and yes our defense won out in the end and yes we got the usual bad reffing, but come on control the game. I think the NZRFU needs to get GT from the sevens in as skills coach, I would have loved to see Fifita and Squire play here.

  • Nothing but respect to the Argies!  They will now give all the northern teams a run for their money and could even win more than they use to.  Well Done pumas and congrats to our mighty All Blacks

  • David Havili, what a debut! Congrats to the All Blacks on clinching the 2017 Rugby Championship!

  • Looks like the NH only capable of giving these blacks a game.

  • It was a foregone conclusion but congrats to the ABs for winning the 2017 Rugby Championship.

    Also, what happened to the Argentinian scrum? They used to be able to bully the All Blacks

  • with all the yellows, there had to have been a yellow and penalty try for the no arms tackle that pushed naholo out right at the end, and no dont even bother arguing anyone

  • What the hell was Todd binned for? and how could they award that argentine try?

  • That first yellow to Argentina was a bit much. Penalty only.

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