• So Messi isn’t as good because he wears light boots ? …..ok then

  • also, the jerseys were cotton and with sweat these were much heavier than today 😉

  • I agree with you on everything but when you say “Messi […] can’t still win a World Cup”. Football is not an individual sport, one can be the best player in the world by a long way but if the rest of his team is not up to the job he’s not going to win anything. Let’s judge Messi’s talent based on what HE actually does, not on how many trophies we wins.

  • messi being compared to maradona obvoisly means maradona is better

  • Maradona his level of creativity and improvisation in the split of a second has had him labeled the football genius and for good reason, he also had so much passion nd love for the game regardless his personal issues, this is comin from a 18 yr old brit

  • Maradonna make awesome goals with the hand in FOOTball, Messi NOT

  • I’m guessing you never grew up in the 80’s… I’m not talking about shirt tugs and trips, Im talking leg fracturing tackles the kind that would be seen today as assualt. Im not saying Messi has it easy but 80’s football was WAR. watch this /watch?v=A0Si8QJfEhE

  • i sugest you to watch the video messi never dives /watch?v=4RD9Zc2kwpI

    you will change your opinion and we dont even see the worst fouls agaisnt messi…the one that leaves messi on the ground…

  • im not completly agree with you, todays futbol is faster and the player better in my opinion bcuz of different training different diet different tactics etc… so in my opinion todays futbol is harder to play in so more difficult to succeed and to do what messi does at his age and with that constance…

  • And they used to kick the shit out of Maradona, theres no way Messi would last

  • what really misses messi is the world cup. with that title he would become the best player ever

  • messi football today is much more complicated than when maradona played plus maradona had more experiance than messi has had.

  • i wouldnt bother taking into consideration the hand of god gaol, because messi did something very similar. nor was there much difference between the second goal that maradona scored against us (england) and, again, a very similar goal that messi scored in the champions league

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