• Anybody see the obstruction by the AB centre No. 13 on Jonathan Davies just before Ben Smith makes the break from the high ball catch prior to the AB second try? Shame they do this. They are so talented. Why do they have to do some much off the ball stuff? Leaves a bad taste when I really just want to admire them.

  • Honestly, how can a world class referee call that a forward pass?

  • As im watching this everyone else is watching TV and i start screaming

  • I don't watch American football, much less this, and I have no idea what is going on.

  • "It's no longer a 15 man game, it's a 23 man game." Unfortunately for most teams New Zealand's subs are better than their starters.

  • I'm an American to watch Ruby for the first time and I've seen a man dressed up as a flower and two Waldos… -_- I think I love this.

  • I'm mostly here to look at all the beautiful men. Thanks for uploading.

  • The pom ref: Shut up, of course it was a perfect pass from NZ, dick wod. lol.

  • and people say american football is brutal!

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