• awesome lucky austrailia and all blacks

  • 36:33 the most unenthusiastic try ever hahaha and the Aussies getting all angry due to their frustrations. Don't hate the players, hate the game

  • Cheika is the biggest fuckin' sook in World Rugby…

  • Australia is the worst kicker in the world

  • falou has big fucking lips the coconut cunt

  • The referee sounds like Kermit the frog from Sesame Street

  • I think I just saw David Tua singing!!! Any other Americans on here besides me?

  • Who's singing the anthem? One of the better renditions of the NZ Anthem I've heard.

  • just seeing the aus coach going nuts in the box was worth it. so funny, aus deserved to get destroyed.

  • These commentaries prove what an Ozzie cock sucker justin fag marshal is.

  • My god, can't stop watching 67-72 min. This open play is breathtaking! Coles is a BEAST. Waving to the sideline to get a sub after that crazy run back to tackle Mumm. Keeps going, and manages to be on SAVEA'S shoulder to score a try. That's what top athleticism is about.

  • whats has happened to Australia ? They are always getting smashed these days.

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