• being a paddy and loving Ireland and munster rugby. I think every child on the planet should have an All Blacks shirt cause we all no Barcelona/real Madrid.

  • New Zealand Needs A Good Cricket league To Expand Cricket's Popularity.. They are Getting Towards that
    " One sport Loving Country "

  • im very pround to be the next gen for the all blacks in 9 years look for the name isaac tearii nz forever

  • To understand Rugby in New Zealand, you first need to Understand Who We Are As A People. Where we come from!

  • Wonderful documentary. I am Dutch and you guys can and should be proud of being New Zealanders. The only country I would give up my own nationality for.

  • This explains me and my obsession with the All Blacks and rugby.

  • Wow, all kids who want to play rugby should watch this, learn what playing a sport is about & also what it does in life. The recent calls to ban tackling & scrums in rugby from UK alledged academics is blown by this. It makes a nationhood, lives, changes lives & reaches out to a world that is a distance away. Protection of kids BS.

  • NZ holds a special place in my heart. Being born there and lucky enough to have a great kiwi upbringing during the 80s. No internet just kids outdoors getting together even after school to play games, cricket, rugby, handball you name it. Now as an expat I'll still continue to support everything NZ and has pride when I find out that a kiwi is doing well on the world stage. The All Black's have and will always be my team. Glad I got to witness this dominate period but like the NZ way be proud stay humble.

  • the most beautiful nation in the world….motueka,Nelson

  • Ka mate is about Te Wharerangi and Te Rangikoaea of Rotoaira. They save Te Rauparaha's life. Te Wharerangi is killed 10 years later as a result.

  • Most of humanity lives in misery and abject poverty. But I'm glad you're so happy and proud of yourselves….

  • Those young Maori players had the best Haka I've ever seen!

  • We are lucky to be New Zealand. Rugby is our game. But the game can't take it's people for granted. It needs to build bridges with new communities. We need to ensure the PASSION to PLAY never fades. We need to keep sharing our love for the game so that future generations uphold the legacy of success.

  • Pretty much on the nose. I dont know many males in my age group who didn't play Rugby, I would also pay tribute to my Irish and Scottish bloodline, certainly added to the culture and makes up part of the mix.


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