• even the best rugby teams lose to the all blacks, their game is frightening to watch. But you have to play them in their own third sector, play smart rugby, cut out mistakes, make every tackle, every time.

  • Wonderful dream see this match if NFL never existed and Rugby was the national sport in USA such us UK, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa….

  • Respect to the commentators as a Brit who played and watched  this game all my life, you did a great job .

  • So weird how the USA. Are commentating badly

  • Despite the result, (The Eagles were not used to play the All Blacks) it was an interesting USA team between 2013 and 2015, the best Eagles of all time , unfortunately , we have not had the opportunity to see the best XV at 100%, here for example, Takudzwa Ngwenya, Thretton,Palamo, Cam Dolan, Greg Peterson, Andrew Durutalo, AJ MacGinty, Chris Baumann were either not present on the matchseet. In my opinion the best XV was: 15 Blaine Scully,14 Taku Ngwenya, 13 Seamus Kelly, 12 Thretton Palamo, 11 Chris Wyles, 10 AJ Macginty, 9 Mike Petri, 8 Cam Dolan, 7 Todd Clever, 6 Scott LaValla, 5 Hayden Smith, 4 Samu Manoa, 3 Titi Lamotisele, 2 Tom Cooligan, 1 Eric Fry.On the Bench:Chris Baumann, Nick Wallace, Greg Peterson, Danny Barrett, Andrew Durutalo, Shalom Suniola, Adam Siddall. It was probably a team able to play in Super Rugby as a franchise.

  • USA needs more islanders in their team.

  • Mad respect to the American players! And fans!

  • It would have been funny if USA dominated the All Blacks

  • So I live in the U.S. and after watching a few rugby games, by God football is boring.

  • American football is better and rugby sucks dick

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