• I was right. The best test matches are always between the Springboks and the ABs.

  • this round of matches should be first up ..every year new Zealand start of with home games vs oz followed by saffas and argies tournament is over before it starts

  • first AB try is so effin questionable !!! why award a try when it is THAT questionable? Rule of thumb should be – don't award the effin try if it ain't a sure grounding of the ball !

  • i support all the southern hemisphere rugby teams as long as we get to annihilate the cocky northern teams like ireland and england im happy!

  • The Blacks looked very ordinary here……..Wallabies will prevail in Bris….. Despite the home town crowd…..Bris is full

  • I watched this game and still no idea what happened to Beauden? Anyone know? Fanx

  • That awkward moment when you get angry at the referee for giving a red card to the opposite team. Well played springboks, hope you guys beat everyone else and only lose to us hehe. Great game.

  • Being a kiwi ..that try from the 2nd 5 eight was bull lol South AFRICA got played then the red card? the ABS escaped one for sure

  • Love these comments. Love from South Africa to all of you AB's. Great game of unifying rugby! look forward to more of these type of encounters in future.

  • ABs blew so many chances should have been 50 24

  • I'm not arguing that the red card was deserved or not, but I do think cards are ruining games. I mean look at the Super Rugby final, definitely a deserved red, but it ruined what was going to be an epic final and great contest. I wish there was a way to punish the player without punishing the team and especially the fans. I dont think the RSA player or the Lions player had intent to hurt, just a stupid mistake that has ruined the game for everyone, players and fans.

  • Hate losing by a point, but this is what it is about. You simply cannot beat an All Blacks/Boks at full tilt test match. Heart, skill, power, will and luck all rolled up in 80 minutes of chewing your seat! Boks lost, but not really. Was suburb shit to witness!

  • Man imagine the damage the Boks would do if they actually had a back line…. felt sorry for the work the boks pack did just for the possession to get kicked away

  • If I was South African I would be gutted about that red

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