• I was searching through the comments and looking at what other people predicted for the lulz, and I got them!

  • it’s funny how you reply after 2 fu*king months 

  • Boy, is this guy bad at predictions or what.

  • No pudo ganarle a nueve indefensos jugadores que pena y se va pep en Su peor momento

  • Por mucho q los arbitros ayudaran al barça hay q reconocer q el chelsea no hizo nada ni en la ida ni en la vuelta eso lo dijo asta el locutor q no se merecian la victoria sin embargo el barça puso todo su esfuerzo la verdad q lo del chelsea fue suerte al igual q el gol de torres q no habia nadie solo valdes pero en fin el año q viene tendremos suerte!!! Visca el barça!!!!

  • bitch please. bet you don’t even know what 2×2 is.. anyway it took you 5 days to reply bet you had to look up the Words in the english dictionary.. ‘fool’

  • wow, calm down, maybe this time you’ll pass your Mathematics SAT’s.. fool.

  • no i thought chelsea would go through, which they did..

  • you clearly thought chelsea wouldn’t go through. you were wrong. goodbye

  • spanish football has been found out 2 b crap? A joke leauge-played by midget’s.who r good at kick up-s and tricks-chelsea will finish off the german up start’s. And england will b victorious-god save the queen.

  • Yes but the fact that you thought there wasnt gunna be one goal..

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