• hahaha it is because without iniesta and xavi, messi doesnt “score” if you know what i mean. it is a joke in spanish haha

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  • An argentinian would never call it soccer…

  • so you call me a faggot when you want me to suck your dick. looks like you’re the real faggot here stupid fuck, maybe I can get Messi in on the action too bitch.

  • Wow it shocks me that people in the US don’t know who Messi is. Across the pond everyone here knows who Messi is along with a few of my favourites 🙂

  • es un pelotudo… he is the stupid man

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  • “Donde esta iniesta y xavi?” that’s gotta be the most random pick up line ever used. Haha!!

  • Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Girrrrrrrrlz.
    ¿Sueles traducir tus videos, whatever?

  • Exists a guy in disney channel, he looks similar to Messi.

  • Messi is a beast and I don’t watch soccer and I know that

  • shut the fuck up, talk to me when you know proper English dumb fuck.

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