• great video
    i like this

    real madrid all the way

  • Lool Madrid are rubbish in comparison to barca, even take away Barca from the equation, I think City could match them and we all know Bayern can out play real. Get real, madird fans barca will dominate European and spanish league for years to come their youth system will always out compete the world class transactional purchases


  • lol if you dont like madrid,whats the point coming to a madrid video.fuck off and go enjoy football instead of arguing.real madrid will have an amazing season next season 🙂

  • wtf my comment got too many negative comments,why?their must be no life barcelona fans watching this video and disliking comments.

  • Best REAL MADRID video to sum up the season! HALA MADRID!

  • Show it to a Barcelona fan and they will stay say Real Madrid is shit. Who has the title u fags?

  • Real madrid is my diarrhea in the world.
    Fuck Madrid !
    Fuck CR7 !

  • real madrid will make history next season and will be the dream team.i have a feeling this season that barca are going to suffer like real madrid in the past.with modric and maybe maicon this real madrid squad can be unstoppable and i hope real madrid crush barcelona 4-0 or more this season.HALA MADRID!

  • Dream Team 🙂 Wish i will play once with REAL MADRID !

  • This video is PERFECTION Hasta el morir Hala Madrid!

  • arnt chelsea best in the world? they won the champions league

  • Patriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, I finally found your channel after youtube deleted the other. I love your videos, the editing is a genius, congratulations!!

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