• sturrdige would be perfect to lead the line imo

  • Liverpool still need to offload players before they can buy, but sturridge would be be a good addition to there squad. As for everton darren Gibson been very good for the first two games as has felli!

  • they didnt buy him did they?, didnt that fall through

  • Considering Saints bought Gaston Ramirez for 11Mil they will be a much improved side. Also what about the midweek games?

  • Yea I am, but when we perform teribly (which is quite often) I do admit it.

  • Liverpool shud have got selva ba when he had 7 million release clause realistically now they shud move for lewandowski wud link well with sahin

  • I saw Swansea-West Ham, the only reason we conceded the first 2 were because of the defensive and goalkeeper errors, th first half was actually prey much equal, Cole nearly scored but there was a goal-line clearence, but by the second half we had already lost.

  • berba is a good call but i doubt he would go for 4 mill, defo 12 or less though

  • Suarez’s free kick came from a ‘handball’ which touched his knee. That was a ref mistake against City 😉

  • On the Fletcher topic, finding a better striker for less than 12m. Berbatov for 4m. Simples

  • The only reason Anderson doesn’t play is cos he’s always injured, when he’s fit he’s effective. Even though he’s a chubby fecker he’s one of united’s quickest player.

  • yea possibly but as ron said, the way they set up, very hard to break down

  • I was amazed that wigan won against southampton after southampton’s performance against man city so I’m guessing southampton will be a lot better away than at home

  • i will actually be doing open lobbys on that, which shouldnt be hard to get into at all

  • Hi max ,when fifa 13 comes out will u give me a game?

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