• Mathieu bastareud sucks
    His fat
    His scared against the ALL blacks
    He can't run forward his slow
    He eats KFC chicken fried chicken he's not a bulldozer he's a scared bulldozer

  • 1 thing from a French person. You can get as many ex all blacks, south African players. WHAT THE FRICKING POINT OF THEM IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR OWN YOUNGSTERS BEING DEVELOPED.
    Hence the reason why France is not going to be worl champion soon. Ireland and Argentina got more chance tan France at the moment anyway

  • As a hardcore ABz fan I don't mind the commentary its from a different point of view to what I'm used to but still good to listen to…its way better than those Aus knobs Kafer, Kearns, and that wanker Greg Martin

  • Captain punches captain lying prone on the ground, it's like destroying French Polynesia with Nuclear testing in the 1960s Mururoa atoll. Take that Frigamol!!! and Michalak!!. How's getting runover by a Wellington BUS feeling now?

  • If you were to just go by the tone of the Pommy commentary you would think the ABs either lost or it was a very close game .One small example at the 27th minute France lose the lineout after they kicked the ball into touch from a penalty ,not a word from the commentators same for the first lineout the French lost too.

  • when you realise all blacks are the best rugby team in the world

  • It's simply amazing to see the success the All Blacks have had. Back in to 90's and early 2000's, it was all about clearing for good position. Then, in the mid 2000's, the All Blacks stopped that kind of play and started focusing on possession and offloading. it didn't matter how far back they were, they were determined to run the line. Now, with their success, other nations are attempting this; but the All Blacks are SO far ahead of the competition, I don't see them never NOT improving.

  • 50 odd minutes in and the Irish fans singing The Fields of Athenry, is there seriously a debate on where the 2023 world cup needs to be held?

  • lol this video isn't as hype with French commentators , its sooooo much better with new Zealand commentators

  • Is Brodie Retallick the greatest 4 of all time??

  • This is what happens when France don't have Wayne Barnes reffing the game.

  • Poor nz if not for rugby the world would not know it even exists and even at that they need the pacific island guys otherwise they would get buttfucked by most of the other countries

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