• The off-loads from Beauden Barrett were sublime.

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  • I'll say it again but Justin Marshal is a terrible commentator.

  • Game of 2 Halves , haveley unlucky not to have played more time in this game, hames and MCenzie had their best games in a black jersey, much better 2nd half from the argy bargys, piss poor 2nd from the All blacks

  • Do you know what is awesome here, that McKenzie is to me, a Dan Carter, but at FB, lol. That is the thing. The way he runs, through to his great skills. Another All-Black quality player, one of many.

  • I always thought that Americans were by far the world's worst sports commentators but the chronic verbal diarrhoea emanating from this pair of myopic Kiwi commentators is beyond belief. What is it going to take for Jaco Pyper to ever issue a deserved red card? It's no wonder that continuous 'professional' fouling is such an essential part of the AB's game.

  • This was a very intense physical game for both sides. Good game nonetheless

  • TJ you and your commentary you need to control your feelings mate they get out of hand when you get carried away

  • This sounds like club rugby commentary.

  • This match was so similar to All Black's 1st victory over Wallabies. Like that match, All Blacks came out of blocks at ridiculously fast pace & got so far ahead with sheer brilliance. Then in 2nd 1/2, they totally switched off again!

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