• Man this is a wonderful video, but why didn’t you leave the actual goals out? THanks a lot for posting it though!

  • I cant stop watching this video!! Messi is so good!

  • his trough ball passes are better than Xavi, it’s magic.

  • another video that prove cr7 fanboys wrong. Can cr7 do this? No. Does he need xavi and iniesta to do this? No. Is he only a goal scoring machine? No, but cr7 is kind a. Does Messi need xavi and iniesta to dribble 5 man? No. Worlds best hands down. I like Real Madrid and used to love them, have 5 shirts, but after 4 years hearing other fans with so much hate to this player and Barca, I don’t like them so much more. Viva Messi.

  • Diesen video ist ja cool messi ist der beste

  • not only the best dribbler in the world the best goal scorer in the world,,,BUT also the best making chances,,,,,UNREAL

  • nicely put 🙂 He scored to many goals we tend to 4get the fact that he is the best midfielder in the world in terms of assists….If he were not known for his scoring,he would have been known as the best attacking midfielder in our generation.

  • Thanks for your thoughts, that is exactly how and what I thought

  • his passes and assists are as mesmerizing as his goals. its this great quality he possesses with his enearthly goal scoring abilities that makes him the greatest the football world has ever seen.

  • cr is the best soccer player in the world because messi is from a different planet

  • finishing of r9 ronaldo not romario becoz messi is faster finisher like r9 . romario was bit slow

  • and people still insist that CR7 is in the same league. On what planet are they watching football?

  • Great video! PLZZZ watch this video i made of Lionel Messis TOP 15 DRIBBLES… heres the link >>>>> sj08w-rCfN8

  • Michael Laudrup passing compilation was absolutely great to watch, never new he was such a great passer. no wonder Swensea play much attractive football than rest of premier league teams. i think he’s gona make and absolutely amazing coach.

  • yeah the guy u mentioned has srsly deadly vision, onlything i can see is Messi takes on a few players and then passes, which means he’s lil more under pressure and has less time. Laudrup made most of his passes from middle of the pitch and he had a clear view. i also think defenders can read da game better now. and Laudrup did probably spent most of his time specializing passing as Messi spent most time scoring. but either ways i say two of the best passers the game has ever seen.

  • I urge you to watch Michael Laudrup videos, ie ‘Michael Laudrup passing compilation’ He was unreal!

  • Michael Laudrup had the best vision in history, he was unreal. He saw passes that you couldn’t even see from the camera view.

  • This video and ‘Messi defending’ video is precisedly why Messi >>>>> Ronaldo.

  • Thats why he is the best player ever, dribbles + assists + goals 

  • and fans of Cristina Penaldo say Messi is just pure striker, who just wait an assists from Xavi and Iniesta…
    Bitch Please….!!!

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