• Plus, Cr7 was already considered “The Best Player In The World” back in Man. United ,when Messi was just establishing himself as a player.

  • First off, lets get something straight, Messi is better than Ronaldo, no doubt, just not by FAR like you say friend 🙂 Second there are qualities that Ronaldo has and Messi doesn’t, like… Strength, Jumping, and Speed sure Messi is fast just not as fast, and if you say its not true, we’ll you’re an ass kisser cause you know I’m right also Ronaldinho FAR BETTER THAN MESSI plus you just favoritise Messi, but yet you don’t acknowledge Ronaldo when you know he’s one of the century’s best players.

  • terrible my ass look at the beautiful curve 

  • ronaldo is good but not as good as messi you know that but you dont wanna admit it

  • Yes so till then he can’t be a complete player.. Zidane, Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, Pele etc all played in different clubs and proved themselves to be great players.. Messi’s resume says Barcelons FC which is the best team in the world with the best players.

  • top freekickers
    5:ronaldo (christiano)
    1:juninho pernambucano like if you think so

  • The best is free kicker David Beckham ! Pro free kicks <3

  • If Messi score on freekick … Ronaldo is dead

  • and how do u explain that what is ur theory???? and messi did goooood in barca and still didnt move yet right??? so let him move than we shall see till then lets just enjoy his game!!!!!

  • i agree with george catalin, messi is way wayyyy wayyyyy wayyyyyyyy better than C. ronaldo but ronaldo is also goood but not better than messi and the prof is FIFA awarded messi the best player of the world 4years in a row!!! so they know better than sum loosers like us who dsnt have anythng to do excpt hate!!!

  • Why so many misses if this is “Best of Free Kicks”. Sorry, just doen’t make since to me.

  • i do enjoy watching both,but all i am saying is the truth.

  • Wow, calm down fan boy, your from the UK you glory hunter. People like you are the reason why we can’t enjoy both players. You turn it into a battle and shit just shut the fuck up because none of them are shit stop making lame excuses about cheating you bastard and grow up.

  • I think Messi is the best player in the world right now but I doubt he could do what he does in with barca in spain with another team in another league. Part of being a complete player is adapting to different situations etc. So anyone saying messi is a complete player is lying,

  • i cant see ronaldo performing a free kick from 16-18 meters like messi 🙂

  • turn off fuckin music.who is add this music?fuck

  • you now that messi is the best player in the world and im his biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Messi é fodão demais , não é atoa que é o melhor do mundo!

  • you forgot that barca is so called the best team in history BECAUSE OF MESSI.

  • refs help Real Madrid and Ronaldo,Pepe used two feet on alves and desevred the red.Messi merkes them every year anyway!

  • He has a great team, scores so many tapins and penalties with his diving ass! Messi gets less set penalties and Ronaldo cheats!

  • if Villa was playing they would both make so many chances and messi and villa would score much more,plus he scores a lot of goals with Villa.

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