• 5 goals in a single UCL match …. new record , 8 la liga hat-tricks …new record …… 250+ goals for barcelona …..all time record

  • You are retarded if you think Ronaldo beats Messi because Messi has scored only one freekick.

  • what about his 43,55, 69 goals ?

    aren’t they freekicks ?

  • Just one goal from free kick!! hahaha
    Ronaldo owns messi!!

    ARSENAL <3

  • Is it just me or are la liga keepers shit.

  • If only I was half as good as messi 🙁

  • Lionel Messi is a player which make a difference more than any player in the world and thats why Barcelona is the best. 🙂

  • + 5 goals in a single UCL match (all time record)

  • And don’t forget my friend.. he’s the all time FC Barcelona topscorer 🙂 At the age of 24

  • I can’t wait to be able to do the 07:21 goal on FIFA 2013.

  • great videos, great player this Messi. Incredible skills. already one of the very best ever. some goals he did them by himself…LEGENDARY!!! Those who dislike dont know s**t in football….whatever teams you support…you gotta be a fan of the football messi’s playing.

  • Please come to the Premiership :( You need to prove yourself in a different country!

  • if the referees didn’t fuck us in the ass in la liga and we took our chances against chelshit we could have had a treble

  • the first assist goal omfg , beat messis goals =))

  • Great video and what a player! You cannot deny he is the best player on the planet and if not the best of all time

  • Гений!!!!!! Что тут еще скажешь.

  • The song at 0:29 is Reaching – Audiomachine

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