• I don’t understand the dislikes. I mean come on, he’s just teatching people.

  • Please do a video of you in an actual match, kinda like FIFA street

  • naw, nonoe is born with something, he trained really hard since little, and practiced every day. how can one be born with an ability to play football, its not an instinct but a skill.

  • Don’t forget to read the video description that explains the tips!

  • its just an example as you can see he isnt really trying but i bet that foo can defend pretty good

  • ahhh makes them feel like there vid isnt worth it

  • lol messi is the best dribbler in the world no one can dribble like messi. No one can dribble at that speed with that ball control against the best defenders in the world. Neymar solo dribble flamengo or internacial, but messi dribbles real’s defence, or man u’s defence. thats BIG diffrence

  • I feel like Messi DOESN’T stop. Thats the key. Many strikers will shift their bodies and lose momentum and when someone contains you then the above cannot work since they will back up and rarely if ever bite. When Messi runs at players and doesnt stop until changing direction he forces the player to lunge or if he doesnt he simply pushes the ball besides the player and continues his momentum which the defender does not have since he is flat footed orbackpeddlin when he is run at.

  • i think its wrong move. messi dribbles different. he can beat 4-5 defender but if messi uses your tip he can not dribble more than 1 player:)

    Tip 1 must be: the ball sticked to your feet while running
    Tip 2: change direction at full speed

  • ok go and do it and score 50 goals per season

  • your right . they can dribble better for example cristiano ronaldo , etc …

  • this video is teaching terrible habbits. 8=======D that soccer is an acceptable sport.

  • You thing Messi is the best dribbler in the word? Of course there are other good players, who can dribble just as good as messi. Ok, a few, but still!
    Messi is good because of his great finishing, his teamwork, his motivation and some other skills. Of course he’s an excellent dribbler, by the way.

  • your comment is a good example of how much of a dumb shit you are

  • (dribble+past+defenders)* like Lionel Messi

    not  (dribble+past+defenders * like Lionel Messi) 😉

  • stupid ass dribbles they arent even good a defender culd easily get the ball from that

  • @charlie98333
    don’t be ridiculous
    no one has the required skill to dribble like Heskey

  • defenders like lionel messi… messi is a defender?

  • stop saying tip and then not actually giving a tip

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