• Well done commentators on your pronunciation of some of the names in the Maori all blacks team. Oh and well done M. A. Bs

  • These second tier rugby teams should just play each other at Tier 2 rather going up a level to play a team from Tier 1 then getting massacred like that.

  • Haha maori lost to french barbarians, suck it

  • They need to change the haka in my opinion, Te Timatanga is stale. Mean win though my Maori. Cuzzies look good.

  • Canadians are so much more respectful. In America they would be chanting. USA USA USA!

  • Wtf is the difference between Maori All Blacks and All Blacks? p.s im from New Zealand and never heard of this Maori All Blacks.

  • Nice crowd but 1/3 of them thought it was the real all blacks team.. I know so many ppl that went didn’t even know it’s not the real all blacks lol

  • canada rugby sucks today, we can easy to them too with our b team in americas rugby championship. canada was strong team in 90's

  • Nice challenge and good victory but if the legendary Canadian prop Rod Snow is anything to go by, I doubt that the Maori haka had the Canucks quaking in their boots!

  • FACT THE MAORI COMMITTED GENOCIDE IN NEW ZEALAND AGAINST THE MORIORI. but you maori cunts don't like that bit of history do you. stupid fucks act all innocent when you killed off an entire race of people

  • Chur the bro Marcel renata mean Maori mean

  • Good game for both teams .. imagine if it were hockey we would gt smoked by canada

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