• Should have been a penalty to the Lions for taking a player in the air. The ref handed the Kiwi's this game as usual, different set of rules for them.

  • Easy to say no force ref! Ask Alun Wyn Jones if he thought it was forceful

  • one of the greatest adverts for Rugby, great contest, awesome hits, both captains a credit to their countries, their teams ,and the sport.

  • the thing that was missed was that Reid was offside at the restart as he quite often is…should have been a penalty to the lions before it even got to that stage…….well done lions..

  • The kicking was incredible under that pressure.

  • Amazing work by Williams, Davies and Watson to stop New Zealand scoring the length of pitch try without even giving a penalty away.

  • We would have won if they gave the kicking duties to Israel Dagg or Jordie Barrett. Barrett's brother is the worst goal kicker in world rugby. The Lions deserved to win but they didn't because for once Barrett actually got above 50% of his kicks.

  • Reid played Williams in the air. Should have been a penalty to the Lions. Considering how harsh all 3 refs were on them in this series, the Lions deserved a break at the end. And if Farrell hadn't gifted NZ that intercept pass the visitors might actually have won. Fair result.

  • The All Blacks were playing at home with a settled squad. 99 times out of 100 they should win.


  • Offsides from the knock under law 11.7 – penalty. The law is clear. Also could of played advantage first under law 8 before blowing the penalty. Also the yellow card is debatable by law

  • how can it be offside if the ball goes backwards – it doesnt matter if the playerr is ahead of the ball to begin with if he goes back and touches it – cant anyone else see this or am i smashing my head against a brick wall

  • I know right now in the United States we are bitching and moaning about concussions and crying about how dangerous American football is, is it the same where rugby is played? Cause rugby looks alot more intense.

  • The All blacks are the WORST LOSERS!

    100 years of rugby – 78% win ratio during that 100 years. Yes….I guess that does make them the worst at losing…..BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Stats and facts don't lie haters.
    Not another team on the face of the planet in any sport ever invented that comes remotely close to that…nor will there ever likely be.

    GOAT AB's.

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