• Latinos we are strong and also we proud , I love the all black and the good , kiwis are the best in rugby

  • All blacks must improve.when ABS correct mistakes they will be imbeztable.

  • Love it when we win but I wish Hansen would get his shit together and oil this machine, they just seem so sloppy.

  • Still miles behind the Dream Team of 2015 ..

  • It wasn't long ago when NZ was scoring 40+ pts against Argentina, now they just got away with the win. Is NZ rugby declining

  • Argie prop should of been binned popping out and stopping forward movement

  • Fifita kinda runs like Gordon Tallis….That Togan blood

  • Shakey boys shakey…..but hey ya gota be a quality team to pull away n win like that!

  • Another good imported player from tonga that new zealand got. Well done.

  • What is happening with the AB passing game? I think the stars are in their eyes and the focus is off.

  • The New Zealand Rugby production line rolls off another freak in Fifita….where do they find them?

  • as staunch kiwi rugby fans i think we are waay to harsh on these guys, you got to remember there are many new caps and these boys are still finding their test rugby rhythm, someday soon its going to gel properly and we have the talent to be devastating for the next few years at least. lets just pump the fucking brakes abit, and be stoked at the fact that these guys still get the 'W' even after a less than perfect hitout..


  • boring game no intensity its really a training match they don't even get pushed to there limits. that's what the games lost over the years hard intensity. they don't even get pushed to the limits looks like they just out there having fun

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