Gary Bowyer says that he is extremely happy to be part of the club

Blackburn Rovers manager Gary Bowyer says that he is extremely happy to be part of the club at a time when they are on the up.

The manager has headed the rebuilding job along with owners, who were heavily criticised when the club were originally relegated from the Premier League. Bowyer says that the owners have been the first to accept the fact thatthey made a number of mistakes that led to the relegation of the club. Now, they have made a lot of changes that have seen Blackburn stabilise as a club and also build for the future by investing a lot in young talent.

More positivity could await the club after this week, as it will be quite possible that they could be playing in the FA Cup semi-final against Aston Villa. A sixth round replay against Liverpool may give potential scares, but the tie could not have been best placed for the Championship club. After back-to-back defeats in the league, Liverpool will be mentally tired coming into the match. Further, the match will be played at Ewood Park and the home advantage will be providing a major boost to Blackburn. More than winning the FA Cup, returning to the Premier League will be important for Blackburn andBowyer has set his sights on promotion.

“History was probably not on my side [after getting the job], but I think the owners have been very supportive of me. I was fortunate to be offered the position, I sat down and put plans in place to rebuild the club, because that’s what needed to be done. I think the owners realised that mistakes have been made and they are the first to admit that, but we sat down and put a plan in place and recruited young, hungry players who have proved to be a valuable asset to the club,” said Bowyer.