• Thanks, Lebo Akatio.
    Great tribute to a team and a coach absolutely fantastic.

  • i’m Barca Fan…i cried  🙁
    Visca Pep…Visca Barca !

  • Gracias, Thank you, Tessekuller, Shukran :*

    I love you Leboakatio for making such a great video.

    Best Moments of Barcelona and hope we will see our legendary coach back soon to COACH FCBARCELONA in near fufture…..

  • He won the Champions League with Aberdeen… I already said that, I’m not going to argue my point. 08 biased Barca fans will disagree, no matter how much evidence is thrown in front of them.

    Pep isn’t the greatest manager of all time, he could go on to be, at this moment in time, he’s nowhere near proving that, I will give it to him though, that he has made a good START.

  • u’ve made fuckin cry dude!! Pep guardiola es el dios de football and inte not Messi!!!

  • Could you please send me a link of this “Red” version, THANKS 😀 and video is amazing

  • Barcelona: Fabregas, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Valdes, Pedro, Thiago, Cuenca, Tello, Montoya, Jordi Alba, Pique, and Puyol. Where from? Barcelona’s youth academy.

  • Messi Xavi and Iniesta were not the center of the team, nor did the team have the Total Football/”Tiki-Taka” style of play nor was messi mature as he was. barcelona doesn’t spend that much money, and Sir Alex has been at Man U for what over 2 decades/ Guardional arived there and marked histpry, creating the greatest team in the history of football and breaking records, 6 out of 6 trophy in one season, btw barcelona beat man U in the CL finals 2009 and 2011 😛

  • i very hope you are a real madrid fan and not lying, by the way i cried when i read your comment

  • I support 100% Madrid, but I admire Pep and Barça’s philosophy, they really are “Mes que un club”. I wish that Madrid could have that philosophy…

  • Pep was promoting young talents. You need brain dude money is something or more than something but not everything. And you say i talk hilarious……. I bet you didn’t laughed at all

  • Come on dude, It was in aberdeen,do you think its as competetive as the European competition or La liga… And talking about xavi ,iniesta. Do you mean you can make any team good without having ability to manage these player. big players are hard to manage. And surf the net a little more so that you could know In Cl 08 Barca was managed by Frank Rijkaard. He won 5 trophies in his first year.Did alex did that?And you know what Barca may be rich but they are not the big spendors.

  • I like the video and iv’e been supporting Madrid my whole life.

  • I am also i Real Madrid fan, and i love this video 🙂

  • You are Real Madrid Fan ?? Almsost cry to see Guardiola beat R.Madrid ??
    Jose Mourinho is by far The Best one, and ONLY ONE !!!
    Have you see what Guardiola did to Cristiano ? respect ha ?
    He is a good coach but Jose for me is weyyy better.
    From a REAL fan!

  • agreed mate. BTW im Chelsea fan. Man U are the best with Sir Alex no matter who is on his team.

  • The best team ever!
    Thank you Pep for everything♥

  • Sir Alex has won more trophies in the space of 4 years, with Aberdeen (Also winning the champions league) and the same amount with Manchester United… not to mention, over all far, far more, and he didn’t do it with a team that already had, Messi, Xavi, Ineista, among other players in it. Besides, United beat Barca and won the Champions league in 08.

    How can anyone say, a guy who walks into a club with all the money in the world, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, is the best EVER after 4 years? hilarious.

  • I watch this video, and as a Real Madrid fan, I almost cry to see it..
    this video is just a MASTERPIECE !
    A pure ART made by great editor ..
    Guardiola made me sad Not once, not twice. But still, i learned to give him respect, as a great man, and great coach.
    Great video, Sure Barcelona fans are very proud of this video.

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