• Respects to Madrid but this here is the best team that I have seen just amazing team play!

  • Fuck Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United… Barcelona is where it’s at

  • Visca el Barça! The best team in the Universe! 🙂

  • Barça needs to learn to play against team locked…

  • Barca makes it’s opponents look foolish

  • Beautiful and logical football by all the players very entertaing

  • wat a beautiful video now thats wat i call football

  • i hope i see me and all of who actully belive in thimsleves to be in barcelona

    smiling happly

  • by the way i relley had tears of joy at 1:00

  • best team ever the will be -barcelona is n1 all respect for madrid but we -barcelona- are more
    than just team .some people want to be a football pro for fame and money and all that-me?
    i wanna be in barcelona i wanna help grow up the team shit up on the money and fame
    just all u need is to belive that u actuly can do somthing that the world can be surprised about
    barcelona is more from what the world needs to know -its made hopes to all around the world
    from rich kids so poor kids thmb if agre

  • wat a beautiful video!! and now i am proud to say that this is football!.

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