• me too….. particularly at the moment he steers the ball away from valdes….

  • i like the dramatic effect of the movie…cool

  • Im a real Madrid fan I have to give respect to Chelsea nice win congrats for u guys 1st champion

  • i will always remember this being my 2nd best thing that happend to 1st being us winning the finnal great scenes

  • After I watched this I cried. CHELSEA <3

  • never underestimate chelsea ! and now you see the result !

  • Now that has to be the best highlights I have ever watched

  • torres goal still gives me goose bumps

  • Thumbs up if u taste the beautiful taste of revenge!

  • Never get tired of watching the shame get fucked.

  • Not a Chelsea Fan but that my friend, that’s the reason why I love Chelsea!

  • they had to play Gary Neville’s scream didn’t they


  • Bid for the injustice of three years ago!

  • it still gives me goosebumps 🙂

  • Chelsea is Messi’s Worst Nightmare
    8 Games against >>>> ZERO GOALS

  • Revenge never felt so sweet! Thank you Chelsea for stopping Barcelona.

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