• @caspianviola ah..so can we start the party now mate?

  • First question, “What do you think of Chelseas tactics? Particularly how they seemed to be wasting time from the first half, especially Drogba?”

    lol Stats show Barcelona having about 80% possession……….. Who was wasting time?

  • @caspianviola What was the surprise , I didnt see it ? Was it Torres scoring ?

  • Looool
    Guardiola 1 Morinhio 2 bye bye champ

  • He’s just using reverse psychology, they always do it.

  • Ohhh, I was wondering why Barca lost, it’s because they didn’t put the ball in the net, that makes sense, thanks Pep.

  • We will see in the next match at the Camp Nou the help of the judges at FCB, is how accustomed to winning, with help, with contributions by judges dressed in refereeing errors. We all know in Spain that Chelsea lost, no matter how they play, the will to impose. The die is Lulled for FCB, the gods of FIFA and the referees who decide and is chosen FCB. Never wins best wins who made the best deal

  • I’m surprised how humble Pep is, I’ve grown to respect him more after this video.

  • All you Chelsea fans….don’t start the party just yet! We’ll all see what happens when you come to Camp Nu to park the bus with 11 deffenders. We have a surprise for you in Barcelona.

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