• this isnt the beautiful passion of footbal…
    this is sweatshops

  • This is not the actual Barcelona youth team, you will see a lot of times
    for example on minute 6:45 that they are sponsored by puma.Barca was never
    sponsored by puma.

  • I got some ideas from this. Not so much the agility. Scissors move? …
    THE most overrated thing to teach kids. Ever see Messi use it? It is
    hardly efficient. I don”t mind kids knowing how to do it, but it is hardly
    ever necessary, and we have kids out there trying to imitate that show boat
    Ronaldo, instead of being smart and efficient. Kids, make one move and go
    with speed! If you make two, keep it simple, so you don’t lose the ball.

  • Los estan convirtiendo en maquinas.

  • Compare this to American youth players..that’s why we suck..jk lol we’re ok

  • That’s actually a team in Bulgaria, you can see the sign in the back
    ‘Царско село’ which is a place in Bulgaria where kids practice football.

  • Yo conoci a julio ramirez, el me hacepto trabajar con el, conoci a mark,
    despues me fui porque ya no habia trabajo,despues julio le gusto como
    trabajaba y me llamaba, para que le ayudara,tenia largas noches,y mark
    hablo conmigo,para trabajar con el y let dije que si, mark me hacepto y
    hasi fue como resultotodo, fui mejorando, cada dia el chef me daba trabajo
    y mas y mas, el se sorprendio que en poco tiempo ya trabajaba como el, y le
    gane a orlando yanez.

  • WOW, those children are really good and I am very experienced in football
    and I really think that training is pretty hard so CONGRATULATIONS!!! to
    the coach of that team and and the players WELL DONE:D.

  • Is this vid good because it looks like people don’t like it

  • Im 11 years old, and i know how hard is the training, this kids are
    incredible congratulations to all of them !!!

  • coordinación viso- pedica niños barca 1

  • who really cares if they’re not Barca youth? give the Kids some credit they
    doing a good job. can’t wait to see them play for Chelsea someday :)

  • I live in Ireland Dublin and play for knockmitten

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