• A particular advantage the All Blacks have is in the way they use their initial dance to centre their movement in the legs and pelvis – to get a quick strong push in the turn. English players tend to turn by leaning and changing balance. Though this style is also noted in our native folk dancing, it is somewhat slower in response!

  • Great game of rugby by the Baabaas and ABs, made slightly less enjoyable by Nigel Owens poor refereeing and annoying comments to the players during the game.

  • You've got to admit, the Barbarians had a cracking game against the number 1 team in the world! I do believe that the gap between the All Blacks and the rest of the world has narrowed

  • This business of the All Blacks gifting the opposition runaway intercept tries is getting really old, really fast.

  • And the award for best intercept of 2017 goes to Steven Luatua…

  • I've notice that New Zealand tend to get 'intercepted' a lot more recently. I think it happened to them 3 or 4 times in the Rugby Championship and now the Ba Bas as well…

  • I enjoyed being there watching, great match

  • An embarrassing display by Nigel Owens yet again as an official…

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