Ronald Koeman comments on Communication gap between Players

Ronald Koeman reckons the players these days are so busy with technology that they develop a communication gap even with their own teammates and it results in poor coordination on the field.

Koeman brought up the game between Southampton and Newcastle United which was played at St. Mary’s Stadium the week before this and picked an instance from that game where three players in the defensive line of the Magpies went in the same route to tackle Sadio Mane, while, they should have gone in different directions and that error made a goal happen for the Saints.

According to Koeman, it could only have been the lack of communication on Newcastle’s part and nothing else. If there had been proper communication, different routes could have been taken and the goal could have been denied.

Koeman believes the players especially those who have grown up in this generation, they sort of build a different world for themselves and they remain busy in that world only. Face to face conversation just doesn’t come naturally to them.

That’s why, Koeman has set a rule for the Southampton players that when all of them are together, they will have to stay away from their electronic gadgets, their cell phones, laptops or whatever and instead, have a conversation among themselves to try and understand each other better and catch each other’s hints while playing alongside.

Manuel Pellegrini has spoken about his admiration for Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets

Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has spoken about his admiration for Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets along with their arch rivals transfer target, Sergio Ramos. Manchester United have been linked with the Real Madrid defender over the last few weeks.

They are reported to have made a £ 30 million offer for the defender. This has been rejected by the Spanish club, but the latest statements by Pellegrini hint that City could enter into the race for Ramos. After all, the Etihad stadium outfit will be free from any FFP regulations from this season. Further, they are also in need of top quality centre backs after failing to win any title last season.

Ramos’ camp has shown enough encouragement for an offer from United and there is a possibility that he could join City as well. Hijacking the transfer target of United will now be easier for City than in previous years when they did not have the power to compete with the illustrious rivals. Another player whom Pellegrini has mentioned is Busquets, who does not appear to be going anywhere. In fact, the Barcelona midfielder has spoken about his ambition to enter into a coaching career at some time in the future.