• how did you did that trick at 1:25 after the fake rabona please tell me 🙂 (ps3)

  • how did you do that trick at 1:25 after the fake rabona please tell me (ps3)

  • how did you do that move at 1:25 after the fake rabona please tell me (ps3)

  • Hi mate, great video, just wondering, how do you get that BREAKING NEWS banner at the bottom

  • why do you have a signed lampard shirt if you support man u?

  • Chelsea struggle to score a goal that either (A)should’ve been disallowed i.e offside, a foul in the build up, wrongly awarded pen, ghost goal (B) isn’t a penalty or(C) not in stoppage time(1st or 2nd half) & ALL 3 of the the goals that helped CHE go through against Barca were in category C. But u knew with all the dangerous situations they somehow escaped in the 1st leg (& against Napoli) they would go through because luck was very much on their side but the final doesn’t look good for Chelsea.

  • And messi hasnt scored against chelsea ever so no, not a good chance

  • This is football, its not about who dominates its about having a plan, re adapting

  • your predictions r shit go back to school

  • Chelsea fans need to be realistic here. Ramires,­ Ivanovic, Terry and Meireles are all ineligible for the­ final. Cahill will be doubtful will his hamstring too.­ Ramires provided the essential goal today and you­ don’t win titles with David Luiz and Bosingwa as­ your centre backs! Whether they get Madrid or Munich, I­ have a feeling they’re they’re going to get­ battered.

  • Everytime barcelona plays against a powerful opponent they make up a patetic fucking excuse to give red cards and fucking penalties and so fucking fed up with this shit . Go CHELSEA for barcelona pieces of shit .. Am drinkin tonight … Fuck messy

  • im a man u fan but boy am i happy go chelsea chelsea yeaaaaa!!!!! i was so happy i kissed my lampard signed jersey 😛

  • i predict 2-2 busquets ineasta ramires torres

  • We are through to the final. 3-2! Come on the Chelsea!

    Unbelievable win for a devout Chelsea fan.

  • How do you do the amazing celebration in 0:25?
    Sorry for my bad English, i’m from Holland.

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