• That was a pleasure to watch. Unlucky Scotland. Cant wait to see you guys come world cup time.

  • Well done Scotland … you almost knocked the AB's out … close game

  • Dmack burned his own player to get a try! Crotty was there lol!

  • When they got the try that made them have 15-22 when he got it I got on TV

  • Hogg should have put the ball to boot right at the end there. Barrett had the angle on him and he had nowhere else to run. If he had chipped into the in-goal area the following players could have touched it down. Better a 50/50 chance than being put into touch. Good effort by Scotland but if they want to win matches of this nature they need to be more cynical and show more nous in the dying moments. That is where they lost, the last 5 mins, not the preceding 75.

  • Scotland have some bright days ahead..haven't seen them looking this good in ages and I think it's only up for them from here..might be wrong but we will see

  • the future of Scottish rugby looks very bright

  • Scotland were really unlucky not to beat the All Blacks on Saturday

  • If finn russel hadnt intercepted that ball in the 2nd half I think we were done but he re-lit the fire for the rest of the half.

    If only we were clinical in the first half I could have seen us 17-3 ahead at the break.

    This is the best ive seen our team play and i was so gassed despite the loss.

  • So close for the Scots, I still don't know where Barret came from with that final tackle, anyone else would have been gassed

  • Hats off to Scotland, that was a cracker! All the best from Argentina!

  • Scott should have won that since the ABs reduced to 13 players but i don't know . Useless I guess. Hohohoho

  • We can say we losed when we "could've" won. The fact is this was a TEST match and we have risen to the test. Scotland are (for once in my lifetime) a squad to be feared. There is potential, future and for once Scotland can be feared.

  • So close scotland. From a welsh man. Well done you played with hart and pride. You deserved to win. See you in the 6 nations and good luck

  • Back to back strong performances against the All Blacks. Maybe next time we'll make it third time lucky?

  • Hard luck to the Scawtlisch, Bowden Beerit the great undoer.

  • This Englishman has been extolling the virtues of Scottish rugby for a couple of seasons now. With the beating of Australia and that performance against the kiwis they have taken two giant strides towards being a top side. Well done. A little more nervous about the 6N now!

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