• False. That’s messi in a Valdes costume.

  • why doesn’t pique does that in real football

  • Pique should have get 5 star skill in fifa 13

  • lmao I know, even in a game that was purely for fun he fucked up most the time. of all ppl he had wear Messi’s number lmao

  • Fuckin’ amazing! I am still with wide-opened eyes from pleasure and interest!

  • I’m a Madrid fan and I actually enjoyed this. Pique is hilarious!

  • Lmao Valdez trying to be Messi for a day or sum ??

  • Pique is bossing that match look at 4:50, 7:22 and his last goal, not to mention that beast penalty…

  • Remember when he was in MU he was skinny and fast :/

  • 10:25 Pique learned this skill from Fernando Torres.

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