Mitchell Drummond Reflects On ‘Crazy Year’

Fake brains reek off from starched white chef’s hat of Mitchell Drummond, and artificial blood stains doused on the front of his shirt as a secret tactic to be released against the All Blacks were exposed in London.

Just over a week later the halfback wore clobber more conventional for the debrief of another pre-game – except this was before his first appearance for the All Blacks against a French XV in their midweek match in Lyon.

Throughout it has been an eventful year for Drummond.

In addition to playing against the All Blacks Barbarians match early last month, and then representing his country in France, he was also the member of the team Canterbury and Crusaders who won their respective competitions.

However, believe it or not, he isn’t happy entirely still. Losing the Ranfurly Shield to Taranaki irritates him still.

He said “It still pissed me that we lost the shield. It still sits with me. However, if I had been reiterated at the beginning of the season about things that has happened, I would have not believed you. I will probably have a beer in hand over the Christmas and will reflect on what has been a crazy year.”

To stay true with the fact, what the Barbarians represent, which is enjoyment off and on the field, their members should be open-minded; and with preparations before the All Blacks game coinciding with Halloween the players dressed-up for the occasion.

He said,” The Barbarians was fun a lot; you get the opportunity to meet some cool people. And playing against the All Blacks was something that I will not forget for a long time. We are trained every day, it wasn’t too full-on just as the guys were coming all across from the world. It was nice time.”