• c. ronaldo s shyt to messi. messi is the best no doubt about it

  • You’re honestly retarded if you think CR7 is as good as Neymar.

  • the best is messi he is the best of the world
    sorry ronaldo is the second


  • @Lost4Ever66 messi has more goals, titles, ballon de oros, and messi is still younger than him. u complain abojt messi playing 5 more games when ronaldo has been playing 5 more years than messi and messi still has won more than ronaldo. Deep inside u know messi is better.

  • Messi scores more and assists more than Cristiano…
    Messi dribbles through defenders, Cristiano drifts to the side and fires at the goal
    Cristiano scores more due to penalties and his game goals are at an open goal from 2m away, he has a more powerful shot, yes, but Messi NEVER misses.
    Messi is good only thanks to Xavi and Iniesta? FUCK YOU, he assists more than both of them. Özil assists more than either of them.
    Messi is just the better player overall, more technical and more BRAIN!

  • In the league your saying.. I’m talking all the games.. Like CL etc.. Messi has lots more goals and assist dude.

  • cr7 can’t be compared with messi, messi is simply the best,he is incridible footballer. I think cr7 n neymar has same level n messi is far better than them

  • Yeah, better than all of them?
    Care to elaborate on that?

  • Barca never passes the ball further than 3 meters..you call that better passing ? They are both have great finishing,but Ronaldo’s shot is more powerful.Team work ? Messi grew up in Barca and never played in any other club it’s only natural to have better team work with his teammates they know each other from kids..and as I said his better dribbling and agility comes from his short body type.And as I said before I want to see Messi playing in other team without his Barca teammates in the PL.

  • 9% ? Where’d you get your facts from ? 4 more goals and 3 more assists in the league that’s not such a big difference you know plus Messi is playing with the football geniuses Xavi and Iniesta and btw he played 5 more matches than Ronaldo.Have you watched this last Euro ? Ronaldo was the one scoring most of Portugal’s goals.

  • Messi is better than all thoose.. AND why the fuck are all talking about Xavi and iniesta ?? KNOW THE FACT!.. Iniesta and xavi only made 9% of all messi’s goal this season.. AND if you saw the latest games with argentina you would see he made 2 hatricks in 2 games..

  • Your very wrong in your facts.. 9% of all messi goal off this season was from Iniesta and Xavi.. The rest where by himself or some other teammates in Barcelona.. Plus Messi makes more goals AND assist than Ronaldo .. And btw messi has proven that he can play without xavi and inieste and the rest of barcelona.. Have you seen hes latest matches with argentina? He made 2 hatricks in 2 games.. and it was even against Brazil.. Messi is a better runner with the ball than ronaldo and not selfish

  • you want to bet?
    Ronaldo (Brazilian)
    That is actually six
    and anyway, without Xavi and Iniesta giving Messi an open net half the time, he wouldn’t score half the goals he does

  • lucky messi always thanks the god when he scores. hes just lucky.Ronaldo doesnt believe in luck either you do it or you dont

  • I dont think so.. Messi is very close to be the world best player ever in history of football..

  • Messi has a dribbbling style( which every player has his own) that is a most efficient, otherwise he cant do think about the skills that ronaldo DOES on the pitch.unlike ronaldo messi does the same skill always nearly 92 percent. hes not fun to watch.(for me)

  • I can think of 5 players who are/were better than Messi ever will be

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