• Messsi the best and legend player. ihate ronaldoif you are also of the opinion Thumbs Up

  • @6:52 Cristiano Ronaldo is frozen in time..lol

  • Ronaldo haven’t done nothing for Portugal, Messi won is country Olympic Gold medal…Ronaldo can nevr be like Messi so keep on denying facts with your sorry reasons.

  • Maybe he is legend too but i mean CR7.

  • There’s absolutely no use of fighting over the fact that Messi has failed to perform for his country, a good team is not just made of good players, it also requires the players to be very good with each other, Argentina doesn’t become a good team because they have good footballers, it requires more than that to build a good team, Ronaldo has done so much more than Messi for his country, and also Portugal doesn’t have too many players of the world class quality like Argentina

  • Sure… England and Germany were favourite because they are good… but SO IS ARGENTINA… and why? because they have great footballers and among them this little man, Leo Messi. If you ask Argentinians (I am not from that country) you will know… I have been there several times that’s why I state so. Have you ever been to South America yourself? I hope so…

  • Stop being so sore.

    At least Messi has won something with his national team compared to your idol.

  • Doesn’t matter whether they were kicked out by penalties or by any other way, losing a competition like Copa America in which they were home nation was definitely humiliating, and if you are talking about the World Cup qualifiers, then build-up to the a tournament to a tournament doesn’t really matter too much, England lost the 2010 World Cup though they were among the favourites, Germany were hot favourites but even they couldn’t win Euro 2012, remember 2010 when Germany made Maradona cry?

  • I dont now how can you say that ronaldo is better, do ronaldo run into the barac deffence, and dribble 4 barca players and the shoot a goal? Messi do that all times

  • Humiliated? they did not lose any games but were kicked out by Uruguay in penalties… is that being humiliated? On the other hand, Argentina is number 1 in the qualifiers for World Cup 2014 in South America and Leo Messi is number 1 scorer in the competition… What about that? Please, supply actual statistics before commenting. Thanks.

  • Yes that’s why Argentina was humiliated in Copa America right?

  • Dude… I can tell you are not following football in South America. Messi is ruling that part of the world with his national team.

  • Messi the best of history with his regularly level of the last 4 seasons, and just 25 still a whole career to go through. 😉

  • breaking a world record with Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas behind you where you merely have to tap the ball home from close ranges from their scillinating passes that too in a easy league like La Liga is no big deal, Ronaldo has established himself in Premier league something Messi will never be able to do, what has Messi done for his country? Argentina has loads of good player all of whom play in Europe,yet Messi can’t win with them but look at Ronaldo hetook them to finals and semi finals of Euro

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