• Here you see it’s not just his amazing quick feet and brilliant technique, but it’s also power and never giving up! This guy is really inspiring.

  • It’s funny to see how some players who have made a foul on Messi are looking ad the referee when Messi keeps running. It’s almost like they would ask the ref or it’s alowed to go on after their foul.

  • but a video where he did dive would be a couple of hours instead of 13 mins 26

  • rodrigo y gabriela – Tamacun

  • I Wonder how he feels knowing he is the best player in the world.

  • actually , it’s more likely fighting the rules !!
    cause all of these were fouls ,, but he keeps playing !!
    on the other hand ,, some players does the
    opposite , and think they’re better than Messi !! LoL

  • Yes that’s true, they’re overreacting, but no regular divers.

  • i’ll change my phrasing.. Buequets and Alves tend to overreact sometimes, and i’m still a Barca fan. Not that i hate them (they’re both the world best in their position) but sometimes i do feel they are overreacting about a foul. No offense though.

  • Si te postran diez veces, te levantas otras diez, otras cien, otras quinientas: no han de ser tus caídas tan violentas ni tampoco, por ley, han de ser tantas. Con el hambre genial con que las plantas asimilan el humus avarientas, deglutiendo el rencor de las afrentas se formaron los santos y las santas. Obcecación asnal, para ser fuerte, nada más necesita la criatura, y en cualquier infeliz se me figura que se mellan los garfios de la suerte…

  • No te des por vencido, ni aun vencido, no te sientas esclavo, ni aun esclavo; trémulo de pavor, piénsate bravo, y arremete feroz, ya mal herido. Ten el tesón del clavo enmohecido que ya viejo y ruin, vuelve a ser clavo; no la cobarde intrepidez del pavo que amaina su plumaje al menor ruido. Procede como Dios que nunca llora; o como Lucifer, que nunca reza; o como el robledal, cuya grandeza necesita del agua y no la implora… Que muerda y vocifere vengadora, ya rodando en el polvo tu cabeza!

  • a lot? Go and find more than 5 dives of Busquets & Alves TOGETHER. You won’t find them.

  • a small guy with a lot of strength… and never dives like Ronaldo does! But i hafta admit Alves and Busqeuts does dive a lot… but still Barca is the best!

  • i know c ronaldo is an incredible athlete and all but for a little guy, messi has incredible strenght

  • You should make a “Cristiano Ronaldo always dives ● The Ultimate Compilation ● HD” video

  • And people compare him with c.ronaldo, gimme a fucking break

  • its funny, the attackers are the only ones that finish in the ground. Messi #1

  • Best player ever. Better person, an example to fight for what really matters for you.

    Just watch the video and learn. Is stupid to mess with Messi about this video.

  • LOL in the first he dives? Did u watch the whole thing? Even messi was suprised and was waving his hands at the ref , He fell down but he wasent asking for a penalty.

    If a player had really dived he would have stayed on the ground and pleaded and begged the ref for a foul , thats what diving is all about and what happened to messi did was an honest mistake.

  • Did u read what i just posted? “half the video was about some random ass fights messi got into”

    Let me ask you this , in a competitive sport will a player no matter how good tempered manage to keep his anger in check ? The reason messi over reacted to a headbutt was not because he wanted to dive and cheat but because his opponent had something against him and all he could do to get back at him was to try and get the referee to see what had just happened.

    Fights happen in sports get over it.

  • the first he dives the headputt he dives seriusly he is like dying lots of respect to messi for not diving and divivg is killing football and messi and zlatan are one of the players that dont dive so god for them but i was just proving that NEVER diving is bullshit

  • ah, perhaps 9:26 would be better suited, though he was probably showing concern for the other player

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