• at 0:35, the player is like, “fuck this shit, i just want to play hopscotch”

  • 2:26 does anybody know who it was against and when that was scored?

  • how da fuck is ronaldo better tahn that?
    in any way?

  • Are you living 3 years ago? Ahhh I see the NY in your name. Americans, the last people to talk about football. You shouldn’t be talking shit because your jealous bout the best team in the world. STFU because your “IMO” doesn’t matter.

  • Messi is great but IMO Barca is a bunch of actors


  • It doesn’t matter where your from Its football.

  • This is the problem with a video of Messi’s greatest goals is that he scores another one so often ypu have to make a new video.

  • 1:02 no words….thumbs up for that goal….and fr messi…

  • why can’t i do any of this shit on FIFA!? fuck!

  • Thanks, and that was against Racing Santander

  • against which team was the goal that starts at 0:25??
    great vid btw..

  • so good the video, yeahh messi!!!

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