• One of the best videos from Lionel Messi on Youtube I have ever seen!
    Amazing video, amazing player!
    Thank you!

  • seriously? he is also just a human like any other, just on a different level. he also makes mistakes and if he wouldn’t be the best, he wouldn’t have won the last 3 ballon d’ors….so fuck off cristina ronaldo lover, cr was also only nominated 2 of 3 times suck just fuck off…

  • better than Pele, better than Maradona, better than Cruyff, better than…

  • Wow, that is very kind of you, thank a lot. That would be the coolest thing ever. I only wish the same for you as well! 🙂

  • Lad 1st of all my wish is you meet legend messi on your birthday for such a great video you made for him… :))

  • Those 3 disliking this video in the disliking part is blind X) -Xavi Hernandez quote.

  • My god I don´t get why there are so many people wanting to show the world how fucking stupid they are by writing comments like yours!!
    Messi has scored E I G H T Y – T W O GOALS this season. 82 GOALS in ONE SEASON - this is an ALL TIME RECORD!!!
    MESSI was BY FAR the BEST BARCA PLAYER this season!!!

    He´s constantly playing on a incredibly high level, always getting the opponnents defense into trouble.

    Maybe you´re just too stupid to recognize why he´s the best.

  • bwhahaha 😀
    Pirlo is miles away from even being close to Messi, Messi is by far the best.
    There are some players worldwide that are still way better than Pirlo (Xavi, Iniesta and a few more).

  • And some people from the country where I live, still think that CR96 deserves the balon d’or more than him. Please, open your eyes, Madrid fans. Cristiano is very very good, but nothing compares to Messi.

  • I have the same birthday, *June 24.

  • My teacher told me to study some poetry….so i watched a messi video

  • for me this award lost credibility when Iniesta didnt win it in 2010 because he won the same titles that Messi at Barcelona and also won the World Cup and scored the winning goal, what else he had to do to deserve to win ballon d’or??

  • This video is great but in the beginning you should have put what Ronaldo said “Messi is better than me” What Rooney said “Messi is the best player in the world” what CR7 said “For me he is the best player at the moment Therefore i congratulate him” what Maradona said “i have seen the player that will inherit my place in Argentina Football” and what Pele said “I knew he would become the best player in the world “

  • wow i would think all these messi fans would appreciate a master of football that is pirlo as well but guess not

  • messi should win it and i hope he does but if he doesnt, then who? ronaldo? fuck that, pirlo should

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