• Its very difficult to play with messi 🙁 because its the best player in the World, its difficultt to Stop :D

  • rarely,he can not always sprint and “breach” through whole defenses in every action.Sometimes he succeeds sometimes not.

  • He is fast,but would get easily beaten in a 100m sprint by other footballers.

  • he is powerful.Come on man when you see how players are pulling him he is not falling,he keeps running like a beast.And he is fast and should have 97 speed

  • Messi isn’t that fast though,if he has 97 pace,players like theo walcott and alex oxlade chamberlain should have 99 pace,and he is already overpowered in fifa 12,and messi is quite short so his strength should be lower,74-ish?,and his dribbling should be slightly higher to make up for the weakness.

  • messi should have 60 strength apart from it 99 balance that’s how he get’s around big defender in real life but in fifa strength has more emphasis than balance!

  • Sorry,I meant to say that HE(Messi) IS a FIFA ambassador.Sorry man i was in a hurry to school 😀

  • Yes they should make him good,because Messi joined FIFA and he is not FIFA’s ambassador,I read that on some internet page.And if they don’t make FIFA 13 better and Messi better realistic stats,Messi will dribble the whole EA xDD

  • Yeah, I hope so.. now that Messi has joined FIFA they should make him good.. Maybe in FIFA 11 and 12 he sucked because he was still with PES..

  • 78 TOP!!Just see some matches with Barcelona when Messi is breaching defenses,running top speed,you will see how some players are pulling him and his kit but he is still running and trying to break out,he is strong.EA should put more realistic stats for players,to hell,even I could put more realistic stats than they 😛

  • His strength is 48.. Which is terrible.. He doesn’t need an 80+ strength.. Maybe just 75.? Aguero has 70 strength and can hold of defenders pretty well.. 🙂

  • man,even in fifa lionel messi is the bomb!

  • I don’t wanna lie but this is the greatest video of the next 20 years

  • Don’t you think they should show the managers like in fifa 2010 world cup and they should also put in the Balon d’or

  • Cristiano Ronaldo has a higher maximum speed when he is given space the pull away (like a rocket). Messi is more explosive and has better acceleration on small spaces which is an advantage against tougher and tighter defenses.

  • I believe HE is THE BEST in the world…. and HE is THE BEST in Fifa 12 . And FYI , HE can beat defenders very veryyy easily ! 🙂

    1st-Boot update
    2nd-Better player stats like for Messi(speed 97,ball control 94,strength 82,dribble 92,stamina 89…)
    3rd-Better and more realistic player faces.
    4th-UEFA Champions League

  • For all the people who think Messi is faster than Ronaldo : Messi isn’t faster than Ronaldo. Ronaldo runs like a rocket. Messi is fast and he can dribble very fast and he has a very well balance but Ronaldo is much faster than Messi!  Now SHUT UP and visit my channel!! When not a monster.will fuck your head !!

  • The thing about Messi is that, he’s so fast he doesn’t need skills. And Iam talking about real life.

  • Because his too fast and the opponents cant do anything and they tackle him :)

  • awesome skills but thats not lionel messi i think pes 12 is better then fifa12

  • Slow as hell on fifa 12, I was Barcelona career had pre season against Derby County, and they were able to keep up with him? I mean, hes no Ronaldo obviously, but still hes speedy as hell!

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