• JESUS died for your sins message me if you wanna know more :)

  • Messi el mejor vamos pibe falta más historia bien.!!¡¡¡

  • 01:28 to all those who say that he cannot use his head

  • Plzzz watch this video i made of Lionel Messis TOP 15 DRIBBLES 08-12.. heres the link >>>>> sj08w-rCfN8

  • fuck miranda atlético madri , messi magic

  • go messi the guy you win every match remeber that goal that you vs manchester united you beet them 3-1 and they started crying

  • what re the names of those songs
    ??? please

  • Ooo really, So he won a world cup just like Ronaldinho?

  • @darthmon are you being serious right now, messi is and always will be the best in the game, he has accomplished things that were unthinkable, I don’t think ronaldhino got 70 goals in one season and I believe he himself has said messi is the greatest learn the sport before u try and talk shit, ronaldhino was a great highlight player that’s it he was big for a year or two then fell behind

  • he’s the best forward not best player though, Ronaldinho was the best player in the world stop talking about Ronaldo he’s not better than Ronaldinho either.

  • then why the fuck you are here? Get out bitch.

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