• Yeah, the rules aren’t a problem in Legends games. If both players were famous for wearing that number (or if there is one Legend, and one current player) then they share the number. I remember seeing another United Testimonial where Michael Owen and David Beckham both played in the number 7 shirt.

  • 3:33
    2 players wore the same number #6 ?

  • Real Madrid : figo, zidane back to figo back to zidane all over again

    Man U : Cole assists sherringham all the time and sherringham misses a penalty and open goal.


  • are you just started watch football in 2012 ?

  • these are the pros, the real pros

  • I wish these players still played they used to be amazing. I wish zidane went out in better circumstances. But as they say best to go out with a bang. . Manchester united fan though i wish we still had edwin van der sar. But de gea is getting a lot better

  • 13 UEFAlona fans had watch this video

  • PS: Soy brasileño, perdona mi español.

  • Sí, es indudable, pero yo prefiero la técnica del fútbol y la habilidad.

  • can you upload all leagues football highlights including Barclays League , Serie A , Bundesliga , Eredivisie , Ligue 1 , UCL , EURO 2012 ?

  • please like 😉 /watch?v=tG6_T8YqSNE

  • you shut the fuck up newborn uefalona fags….

  • oh shut up.no one know them?the dream team raped all

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