• Awsome Trailer, As a Barcelonista you need to know your passed, to understand your Up-coming in the future.

  • pff they fucked real madrid up with ronaldinhho

  • This is amazing kick, please make more of these documentaries they are really interesting :)

  • Are there going to be more movies from kick and screening festival posted in the future? Really enjoyed this one and was hoping for the Henry 1:1 video to be uploaded.

  • what is the name of the song/track at the begging when the narrator begins? please and thanks you

  • give me a 1/4 of what ya make and ill help. :p

  • Faz um documentario sobre o Flamengo – Brasil

  • Wow, this documentary is some of the best i’ve seen. So many exclusive, impressive and emotional clips and moments. It’s great to see how the club works “inside”, and to get a picture of how hard the Barca staffs really work every single day, how much they do, just for us to enjoying them play.
    I just wanted to know if you have a video more of the following season were Barca had a magnificent year!
    Thank you Kick!

  • ah ok thats why i couldn’t understand it so well, thanks for the head up

  • I want more barca stuff or I’ll unsuscribe >:/

  • Ah my mistake. I didn’t remember much from my visit, as it was many years ago, but for some reason that stuck out to me.

  • Łezka się w oku kręci….to były czasy ! I ten wspaniały gol Ronaldinho!

  • They were actually speaking Catalan for quite a bit of it. It’s a bit of a mix of Spanish and French, as Catalonia lies just near the border. It’s very close to Spanish, but obviously not quite the same.

  • hell.. At first i thought they were speaking Portuguese.. Then i listened closely and it is actually spanish, I speak spanish and can’t understand a word of it…

  • AWESOME! Is there another video like this?

  • I wish they made a movie for each Barcelona president outlining every single major event ! 2005!

  • thanks to ALLAS, who had lead me to this wonderful video..

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