John Carver confident that Club fans will Support

John Carver, the manager of Newcastle United, is quite confident that the fans of the club would remain quite supportive to the team at this testing time as they have always been.

Newcastle has been able to win just 2 out of the 9 games since Carver’s appointment at the manager’s post on an interim basis.

They had obviously not been performing well before that either and that’s why, Alan Pardew was removed.

But, with Carver coming in, there were some hopes that he would revive the team. However, there hasn’t been even the slightest of improvements.

According to Carver, he was never going to revive the team overnight. It’s just not possible as he does not have any stick of magic.

Speaking to the press post a crushing Everton defeat, Carver said, “I think north has the most knowledgeable fans, be it our fans or the fans of Everton. They know what the team is going through and that’s why, they have been very patient till now. I hope they show the same kind of patience in future as well because things would not change in the blink of an eye. There is no magician here. This is Football. We are trying our best.”

“The thing that the fans want to see is the fight, that ‘never say die attitude’ and we, as a team, are trying to ensure that we don’t give up till the final whistle is blown. Even today, you see we kept fighting.”

“There is disappointment in the group after every loss. The players take immense pride in representing the club and they hurt when they don’t get the results that they want, but, as I said, there is some patience needed. We will get things right at some point.”