• SBW is always getting carded. Fucking liability

  • Your unwillingness to post in anything other than 360p is drastically reducing the potential growth of Rugby around the world…

  • Sbw I know how dumb he is but come on a penalty try…. the ref was dumber

  • I think SBW thort he was still playing rugby league, any way the AB's won. And on to the French selection an then Scot's or the Welsh, not to sure.

  • ABs seem to be switching off in the 2nd half of their recent games when normally they'd be stepping up a gear

  • Sick rugby from the AB's. They made France look a very average team.

  • The last pass to create the last try is a thing of beauty

  • damn france wing was awesome!!! whats his name??

  • that penalty try, ref says the french player would have scored if sbw didnt slap it, does not make sense

  • it's ok he's no longer playing rugby league but you cannot take rugby league out from him…well done SBW.

  • So are New Zealand classed as The All Blacks in this match if their half white

  • there is no way that french player wouldve scored cos sonny bill wouldve caught the ball anyway

  • France had Kings share of possession in the second half, ABs had 1 good chance and Naholo scored his second try. Too good. 20 points difference. Well done boys.

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