• Shit reffing! Sam Cane gets yellow carded after tackling some one and he gets stuck! How can he roll away when hes trapped, ref puts his arm up straight away farken BS..Well done Scotts a lot of luck went your way. Oh well

  • I'm a Maori from NZ but I support Scotland and love the Scottish people they are warriors just like us up the Scott's up the allblacks up the wallabees fuck the English haha

  • Fk the number 5 from Scotland. Naholo was about to say sorry

  • look what happened to the aussies against england the double yellow card is the the world cup dress rehearsal? for the assumed abs final?

  • i would love to know who is the most carded team in world rugby i bet i know who it is ITS THE INNOVATORS of this damn game

  • rugby is now a fucking soccer game when the allblacks play its card after effing card if nobody else knows then ignorance is bliss

  • ok for all you faggots the only way these teams have actully been competitive is bcos all of a sudden the greatest rugby team in the world always has to play with 14 mean consistently. now if you think that means they are improving against fourteen men you are dreaming thes faggots are getting desperate what a pity!!!!! and they still struggle to beat a team with 14 men just ask the lions

  • How lucky were the abs against the lions, imagine Hogg had played in those tests.

  • all black are the best and evey one shoud no that

  • all blacks hate losing. they lost that game

  • Reading comments I thought abs lost lol bout to say might have to start watching them again.

  • I felt really bad for Hogg at the end

  • i have to be honest when hogg was screaming down the tramlines i could not help but cheer him on SHHH! Well played scots !!

  • As a kiwi I thought Scotland should be very proud and excited of what’s to come,they are making great strides and clearly their rugby has massively improved,was a great hard fort game right down to the whistle. Respect to Scotland and ✊ all blacks

  • i dont know why but has any 1 else seen a trend ever since the lions series where the all blacks often get at least 2 players sinbinned on average per game? i know its probably deserved at times, but COME ON you have to be kidding me!!!! at least every game since sbw got sent off for the whole game against the lions? the abs have to had win with 14 men. IT IS A TREND research that sh**

  • Codie Taylor makes Dane Coles look pathetic. Beauden Barrett's best game in ages too. For once his kicking was good, and his defence was perfect. Need to put him to fullback so that defence can be fully utilised.

  • Scotland have come a long way, they really are playing right up there at the top level. If the execution at the end had been better the crowd would have exploded… still, after making the semis at the world cup and after that match, no-one will be taking Scotland lightly ever again

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