• theres samoan players in the all blacks team

  • How about the tongans aganist the kiwis haha

  • No the all blacks are going to get More throated and win the game

  • This is just sad. Damn Samoa smh at least ya tried lol Still Samoa!! But can't hate on ABs. Got my support

  • Allblacks we can have all you samoan players ok

  • samoa got smashed sad life for samoa go cook islands and go the all blacks

  • More like samoa a vs Samoa b ..nearly half them all blacks team are samoans

  • nice run all black you guy are the best


  • Best World team ever, and I think it will continue for the following decades (I do hope so)

  • İts sad to see Samoa lose like this when they have such amazimg players playing for New Zealand, England, United States, Australia.. i mean, is not quite fair, if samoa was a powerful or at least economically decent country all these players would be playimg for samoa and that means samoa playing at least quarter finals and even semi finals in world cups.

  • the ABs play 15s rugby like how the Fijians play 7s

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