• i was never really interested in the german league but this inspired me to
    do a save in Germany.. started one with wolfsburg and its going well and im
    enjoying it! keep up the good work on ur videos :)

  • How do you do transfer so good. 5m for Sahin?

  • don’t sell blaszczykowski cos he’s a Dortmund legend

  • I take it you don’t have La Liga as a fully playable league? That’ll be why
    Barca will have greyed out players and have some strange team selections. I
    always make sure I have all the top leagues running when I do a save with a
    top team, means the squad building of teams in other leagues is kept as
    realistic as possible.

  • #FM14 Let’s Play – Borussia Dortmund #5 | BARCELONA! | 3D Gameplay

  • jukab has 7 goals 6 assists for me in 13 matches

  • keep cooking the videos mate! 😀 like!

  • how can you tell if they got a buyout clause? does lukaku have one on
    everton because he does on fifa?

  • At least good for a draw against Barcelona… Bad PSG picked a point

  • About Reus, i was playing ManUtd and at the end of second season i’ve
    offered lots of money for Reus, like 50-60mil., It got accepted by the club
    but Reus denied to come and he got new contract by Dortmund just few days
    later, ehh!

  • I hate that when they have the grey players as I played a Dutch team and
    both there keepers were out and the would need to have played this young
    poor player but amazingly created the next van der Saar was fuming

  • Play gundogan as advanced playmaker

  • I’m gonna play a starly career alongside yours

  • Really good series. Also loving the music in background, made your videos
    much better. Keep it up!

  • who are you going to replace robert lewandowski ? i have just stated this
    game and have bought julle vossen not sure how well he will do but thought
    id give him a try was thinking to bring in dzeko back to germany he knows
    how to play in that league and also wont get his chance at city what do you
    think ? 

  • Loving all your videos keep up the good work and I can’t wait for this
    starly career mode

  • Sign Samuel Umtiti he’s a rock at the back

  • Marco Reus didnt score much in my save either, but he did assist almost
    every game so he was an immense player for me. Definitely worth it in my
    opinion. In the end though it comes down to the tactics of ur team.

  • They would want to play the best players. I mean if you had a beastly
    player you would obviously play him

  • You should’ve beat Bate to be honest, that would’ve gave you a chance but
    if Barcelona pick up form then you may or not be fucked. I hope Barcelona
    continue to fail but I can’t see you beating them away, but maybe you can.

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