• Great game last night. Record crowd.. glad to know soccer appeal is growing
    in the US!
    Chivas vs Barcelona – World Football Challenge

  • Es chistoso ver toda esta raza Alegre q pudieron ganarle a la Banca del
    Barca Si jugarian contra Los q comiensan fuera Bar10-0Gua. Visca Barca!!

  • Deberia regresar el guero real. ganaba mas chivas y a al barcelona y manu

  • beat a spanish team in a friendly match? they already have. also didnt an
    MLS team eliminate Chivas from the CCL last year? just saying..

  • You can see right away that barcelona let chivas win they didn’t take the
    game seriously at all.

  • wow i can see Real Madrid watching this they might be pretty amazed on the
    Chivas on scoring 4 total goals that’s amazing.

  • yeah ,but to beat barcelona 4-1?? i dont think so.

  • Shut up barça is shit now and bayern and chivas proved it

  • Chivas… El mejor de mexico.. Pura historia y calidad. Al tu x tu frente
    los mejores

  • Its not like Barcelona wanted to win this game. Chivas wanted to win it
    more to impress people. Anytime anybody plays against Barca they play
    giving it their all. Im impressed by Marcos goals but not by the result.

  • Arriva las chivassss putos españoles jotos y arriva mi Jalisco aunk les
    duela perros barca sucks dick!!!

  • Go play rugby. Why play with pads an helmets.grow some an play rugby u
    wouldnt last a day

  • @ttrickyify soccer is not gay football is for pussys ru

  • People that say chivas got lucky are stupid and they dont accept defeat.
    when the first 2 goals were made half of the A team of barca was still
    there and when the other 2 goals were made they were made by 17 year olds
    and dont give me that bullshit if MESSI would of been there, he would made
    the team win cause MESSI has played against Chivas 2 times and he has never
    scored on them. So dont give me that bullshit. In fact Barcelona and their
    fans should be ashamed of this game. Chivas won fair

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