• dude Im talking about THE WAY they won srsly….

  • lol they scored a goal in the last minute how could they not celebrate. Get off your high horse.

  • This is why we love football, the joy, the passion that runs through fans.It’s amazing. Congrats to Chelsea. Justice was served from 09. Won it fair and square. No dodgy penalty given to you. From a United Fan.

  • Barca fans are oblivious to what the refs do for them and just mindlessly cheered that day? I really don’t know… :/

  • I still think…how could they celebrate in 09?

  • LOL the guy was singing “were going to wembley” haha


  • revenge always taste sweet 🙂 after övrebrö robbed us from the final 08/09 season

  • Damn tat guy got a Chelsea tattoo 2:04..COOOOLLLLL

  • That was the best night of my life to date baring in mind i’m only 16 :’)

  • they had about 90,000 😉 it’s a 99,000 swat stadium lol

  • The only team that Pep Guardiola could not beat in his 4-year reign @ Barcelona was CHELSEA…

  • 3:38 ….. wow … owen coyle bolton manager watching live on the stadium LOL

  • This was amazing game! Love to see all you Chelsea fans celebrating at the beautiful Camp Nou, I wish and hope to go to Chelsea games one day and see it with all you Chelsea fans! Love Chelsea, and all the fans! Champions of Europe now!

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